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Must-have skills to look for in outsourced CFO services

Must-have skills to look for in outsourced CFO services

An outsourced CFO, or fractional CFO, presents the same skill set as an in-house hire, but on a contractual basis. So, the individual in control of your startup’s finances will be a contractor, not a full-time employee.

So, you need to be armed with knowledge and expectations before you start enquiring. Here is a list of that will be your savior.

Scenario modeling

For alternative futures and conditions look for an outsourced CFO that demonstrates skills and services around scenario modeling. These ensure your business works continuously and maintains financial solvency during worst-case events. This modeling deepens the strategic knowledge that an outsourced CFO can bring and expands the awareness of risk across the business.

Outsourced CFO services in Marlboro, NJ will support you in this endeavor, and keep you cool under the collar when those queries start flying.


When it comes to managing compliance issues, especially related to tax, experience speaks volumes. When tax time comes around, look for an outsourced CFO that has the background, specific knowledge, and skills to help you.

You have one less thing to worry about, by making sure your outsourced CFO is seasoned in tax compliance. It also gives you peace of mind understanding that if an audit does come your way, your accounts will be in proper order.

Resource management

As a startup owner, the list of your responsibilities is never-ending. But there are only so many hours in the day and you are only one person. Find an outsourced CFO that can help manage the big financial side of development, client relationships, capital raising, employees, and other business strategies.


An outsourced CFO should offer to collaborate with you and your company, offering insightful training to help you better understand the internal workings of finance and its importance in your business.

Financial forecasts

Each startup needs financial predictions. Not least because they summarize the revenue potential of your startup and help you to attract assets.

Client contracting

You want a CFO that can provide expert guidance to startup owners on how to negotiate the most beneficial contracts with clients. So, ask for some instances of their previous relationships.


A budget helps you to keep track of your business’s financial position. Your outsourced CFO should be sizzling on this. Efficient budgeting will keep you on top of your business’s expenses and ensure you always know what your revenue position is.

Schedules that work for you

Decide how many meetings and catch-ups you think you will need, then find a service that can work with those musts.

Business growth

An outsourced CFO service should help you to facilitate evolution. From helping create and optimize your financial procedures to conveying them in a representation that can wow investors, you need to be sure that the CFO you choose is up to the job. Remember, they should be knowledgeable:

  • Department budgeting
  • Paying bills and prioritizing
  • Profitability analysis
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Payroll management
  • Managing financial paperwork and offering professional scrutiny
  • Accounting system design and implementation
  • Internal strategy and risk control design and implementation

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